Specialized Cleaning Services

Floor Restoration & Maintenance Services:

We are experts in the set up and maintaining of hard floors. From set up of new floors to strip, wax, and buff old floors. We use only quality wax products for a long lasting durable surface.

We have 16 years experience in maintenance and care of all floor types. Ask us for references! We would be proud to show off our work! We offer superior quality floor cleaning services for all floor surfaces including:

  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic
  • VC Tile
  • Cement
  • Detail strip & wax service using quality materials.
  • Scrub & refinish service.
  • Floor buffing to bring back that shine!
  • New floor set up with base strip & wax.
  • We schedule floor maintenance services with you to keep your floors looking sharp.

We have a solution or oriented approach to maintain your floors to avoid black marks, cuts, grooves and general wear and tear. Ask us! We have the answer.

Detail Clean Service:

We offer initial, quarterly and yearly detail cleaning services. Royal Building Services can provide an initial clean with the first service. We will be happy to work with you to customize your initial or detail clean. Our detail Cleaning service include:

  • Detail dusting of baseboards, walls, blinds, chairs, furniture, desks and items on desk and credenza.
  • Detail vacuuming including under desks and cords, between desks and cabinets, along baseboards.
  • Cleaning of restrooms with grime taken off base of toilets along with mineral build up on chrome.
  • Chrome fixtures & sinks cleaned to a shine.
  • Ceiling vents can be dusted and cleaned
  • Professional window cleaning.
  • Rugs moved and vacuumed, with professional carpet cleaning.
  • Refrigerators and other break room appliances cleaned in and out.
  • Janitor closet cleaned and organized.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services:

Your building gets lots of traffic on the carpet daily. Maintaining a professional appearance for your employees and clients is important. Carpets should be stain free and not show signs of wear. By having your carpets cleaned regularly by a professional janitorial service, you are expending the life of the carpet.

Cleaning removes unseen base dirt that can break the fibers and wear the carpet. Regular cleaning rids the carpet of dust mites and other allergens creating a cleaner and healthier environment. We specialize in professional carpet cleaning for all areas of your business.

We specialize in professional carpet cleaning for all areas of your business:

  • Carpet
  • Rugs
  • Traffic Areas
  • Stairs